Life @ Sunshine: Vision, Values & Ethos


Through a unique, personalised based curriculum which encompasses the Early Years Foundation Stage, a very high standard of education and care is delivered to ensure potentials are unleashed and that our babies and children are above all happy and confident individuals that are ready for the next stage in their life…whatever this may be. Promoting child development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage from the very beginning ensures we have happy, secure and confident babies and children.

We pride ourselves in supporting children to develop as unique individuals through praise, encouragement and nurturing relationships. Practitioners are passionate about their role within the setting and through providing a stimulating environment a home from home feeling is created. We are all of the understanding that everyone is unique and deserves a chance to blossom.

Lively, unique and happy children are leading the way and those strong partnerships with parents we build contribute significantly to the path nursery follows. Nurturing staff support children in making positive contributions and help them to become good communicators, thoughtful and reflective, emotionally secure and resilient, imaginative and creative and a curious explorer.  Through our child centre approach our babies and children develop into active life – long learners with a passion and thirst for knowledge. Receiving praise and encouragement for their efforts and support to try new challenges helps them to become strong, powerful and competent learners.

We understand that parents are the primary educator and also we are big believers in welcoming the whole family and not just the child and therefore we offer opportunities for becoming involved in `life at sunshine` and ultimately your child’s learning and nursery life. We encourage our parents to share their child’s developments, growing interests and experiences at home through face to face discussions, electronically or written means.

Each day begins with a healthy, nutritious breakfast and what follows differs on each day… To find out more, you’ll need to come and see!

Please request a prospectus during your visit.